Shaolin Kung Fu

The ancient Chinese martial art created by monks and developed through the centuries.

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Become the perfect Karateka training three pillars of a warrior: mind, technique and body.

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Discover “old martial way of Okinawa”, the weapon systems of Ryukyu kingdom.

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The “gentle art” of combat used by samurais that uses the opponent against himself.

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Thank you to our wonderful members that support us across those 20 years. We’re really happy to know that we make a real difference in your life. To celebrate this incredible occasion, we’d like to share what some of our students are saying about us.

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  • Michele Piironen

    Highest praise go out to Sensei Mike for his endless creativity, patience, and kindness towards my 8-year old daughter. She has been attending private instruction at the East Wind Budo Life Centre for the past nine months, under the direct tutelage of Sensei Mike. Eve has a global LD, which affects all aspects of her being. Sensei Mike's dynamic teaching methods have allowed Eve to follow basic martial arts movements, and to participate in an individualized program that she would otherwise be unable to follow. Motor planning/coordination, spatial awareness, sequencing, focusing, and self-discipline have always been a challenge for Eve. Through ongoing instruction at East Wind Budo Life Centre, she now views her challenges as something that can be overcome. She believes in herself and her abilities, and has discovered strengths, where once she saw only weakness. The confidence, discipline and self-awareness that she has gained over these short months is incredibly awe inspiring, and a true testimony to Sensei Mike's compassion and talent, as a martial arts instructor and as a human being. Thank you most sincerely. Michele Piironen Personal Chef
  • Charlene Laporte

    Sensei Mike and Laura: I wanted to send a note to thank you both for providing such an enriching experience for my daughter Morgana at Eastwind Budo Martial Arts. Morgana started Karate just after she turned seven, and worked her way up to the level of green belt six months before her ninth birthday. Recently another parent commented that Morgana must be a "natural athlete", which I don't think many children (including Morgana) are. This parent was seeing the direct benefits that attending twice-weekly Karate classes have given Morgana, including confidence, focus, and a sense of accomplishment. In addition to the physical benefits of exercise, she also learned how to "open the door with her mind", and let negative comments that some children make at school pass right through without bothering her. She has a sense of discipline that she applies to her school work, and to her other favourite sport: competitive swimming. These are true life lessons that will continue to benefit her for the rest of her life. More recently Sensei Laura introduced the concept of "goal setting" to the students at the dojo. Morgana thought this was "cool" and immediately started to think about different goals she had for herself this year. Morgana told me that her ultimate goal was to eventually become a junior black belt, something she knows she will have to continue to work hard for. She clearly realizes that the end reward is worth it! Warmest Regards, Charlene Laporte (Morgana McKenzie's Mom)

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