Protocol and Etiquete

All members of this Dojo will respect the protocol of the Dojo. That is all students will bow upon entering the Dojo and will address the Sensei as such during class.

Students will line up, facing the front of the Dojo. The Sensei will be positioned in the front, center, facing the students. The position or stance will be Hachi ji dachi.

The senior belt present in formation will give the command “sensei ni” at which time all students will face the sensei and “rei” and bow to the sensei.

Sensei will use the following commands:

  • Seiza – (kneel) students kneel facing the sensei, sitting on their feet and hands placed on thighs;
  • Mokuso – (meditate) students will close their eyes and breath in through their nose and out through their mouths. This is to allow students quiet time to focus concentration on the task at hand, learning karate,
  • Mokuso Yame – (stop meditation) students will open their eyes,
  • Shomen ni – (sensei turns to face the front wall),
  • Rei – (bow) everyone places their hands in front of them on the floor, creating a triangle with the tips of their thumbs and fingers. They will then bow, bringing their upper body to a vertical position,
  • Otagai ni – (students turn and face each other and bow on command), in the same manner as stated above.

Sensei will have everyone stand and students will return to the stance hachi ji dachi, in preparation for warm-up and drills.

A similar procedure is followed at the beginning and at the end of class, save that at the third bow at the beginning, students quietly say “Onegaishimasu“, whereas at the end they say “Domo arigato gozaimasu“. At the end of the class, any presentations of belts or announcements are made before dismissal.