Hojo undo

Okinawan Goju Ryu Hojo Undo (Supplementary Exercises)

Kanryo Higashionna’s advice for using supplementary equipment in Karate (From Shoshin Nagamine Sensei’s book Tales of Okinawa’s Great Masters)

The following training advice has been passed down from Higashionna Kanryo:

  1. The results of one’s efforts are cumulative: never rush or show off.
  2. Train in accordance with your ability
  3. Repeat each exercise until exhaustion and build intensity gradually.

Nigiri Gami (Clay Gripping Jars)

The Makiwara (punching board)

The chi-shi, also known as chikaraishi, consists of a concrete weight attached to an end of a wooden handle (similar to a lollipop).Chi-shi training is extremely vital to Okinawa Karate-Doh Goju Ryu. It should be used side by side with the practice of Sanchin and Tensho Kata. Correct use of the chi-shi will improve muscle tone, strength in the fingers, hands, arms and chest (amongst many other parts of the body), however these are only the external benefits. The ligaments and cartilage of the wrist, elbows and shoulder joints will also benefit from this form of training.

Kami (Jar) In Okinawa they have many types of jars. There are jars for sake there are jars for money; there are jars for water etc. Each jar can have a different shape. In Sanchin Kata we do a technique called double nukite (spearhand) strike. When you are doing this technique you can visualise your arms around a kami (jar), like what is demonstrated in this picture

Makiage Kigu: the training with this hojo undo equipment helps in the development and strengthening of the grip and wrist. The practice with makiage kigu is also a good supplemental exercise to develop the forearms.

Nigiri Gami




Chi Ishi




Makiage Kigu