Shaolin forms


Pao Ying Kune

Leopard form

Leopard teaches agility and strength

Lung Ying Kune

Dragon form

Dragon shows you inner spirit and how to ride the wind


Fu Hok Seung Ying Kune

Tiger crane form

The crane is a form of vitality, endurance, balance and precision counter attacks and lastly

Sha Ying Kune

Snake form

Snake pulls them all together, building chi energy, accuracy, and timing


Other Forms

  • Tie Tsing Kune (Steel Sinew Fist – Breathing Form)
  • Lunyang (Two door fighting system)
  • Tom Hoi (Two man self-defence drills)
  • Wu Dip Doe (Butterfly Sword Form)
  • Shaolin Beau (Spear Form)
  • Kwan Dao
  • Double Broadsword Form