Michele Piironen

Highest praise go out to Sensei Mike for his endless creativity, patience, and kindness towards my 8-year old daughter. She has been attending private instruction at the East Wind Budo Life Centre for the past nine months, under the direct tutelage of Sensei Mike.

Eve has a global LD, which affects all aspects of her being. Sensei Mike’s dynamic teaching methods have allowed Eve to follow basic martial arts movements, and to participate in an individualized program that she would otherwise be unable to follow.

Motor planning/coordination, spatial awareness, sequencing, focusing, and self-discipline have always been a challenge for Eve. Through ongoing instruction at East Wind Budo Life Centre, she now views her challenges as something that can be overcome. She believes in herself and her abilities, and has discovered strengths, where once she saw only weakness. The confidence, discipline and self-awareness that she has gained over these short months is incredibly awe inspiring, and a true testimony to Sensei Mike’s compassion and talent, as a martial arts instructor and as a human being.

Thank you most sincerely.

Michele Piironen
Personal Chef