Seniors are generally considered those members ranked Blue-Brown belt or higher, although, anyone of higher rank is a Sempai.

Being a Sempai is an important role within the Dojo. A Sempai is a position of trust, honor, and responsibility.

Sempai should teach students how to bow, tie their obi, proper etiquette, and assist the Sensei with instruction.

Sempai should ensure that the Dojo remains clean.

Sempai should always be encouraging and helpful and should never criticize or tear down their Kohai (juniors).

Sempai should train frequently and harder than other students, thus setting an example.

Sempai should have the class lined up properly and ready for training when the Sensei steps onto the floor.

Sempai should be positive, kind, and display respect, thus showing proper budo.

Sempai should maintain dojo discipline and correct violations of etiquette or policy by taking one aside and instructing him gently and with respect. Never embarrass anyone.

Always research any question that a Kohai asks. When unsure of the correct answer a Sempai should never guess and should refer the question to Sensei.

Sempai should learn the names of all students.