Note: Minimum age 16 years

Before the Grading:

  • Completion of First Aid & CPR course
  • 90 hours of assisting in teaching at Kids’ classes, camps, etc.
  • Knowledge of teaching methods
  • Participation in club gradings by taking part in the workout, doing kata, kumite, and self-defence as requested, and setting a high example of effort
  • Participation in a majority of our club tournaments, kata competitions, kumite competitions, weapons competitions, seminars
  • Participation in out-of-town tournaments and seminars
  • Books to read (choose 3) and give a one page summary:
    1. Karate-Do: My Way of Life – Gichin Funakoshi
    2. Sword and Brush : The Spirit of the Martial Arts – Dave Lowry
    3. The Weaponless Warriors – Richard Kim
    4. Karate: The Art of Empty Self – Terrence Webster-Doyle
    5. Facing the Double-Edged Sword: The Art of Karate for Young PeopleĀ – Terrence Webster-Doyle
    6. Why is Everybody Always Picking on Me: A Guide to Handling BulliesĀ – Terrence Webster-Doyle
    7. Johnathan Livingston Seagull
    8. Living the Martial Way – Forrest Morgan
    9. Your suggestion – see Sensei first.
    10. Moving Zen
    11. Zen in the Martial Arts
    12. The Black Belt Manager
    13. Beyond the Known
    14. Code of the Samurai
    15. The Everyday Genius
    16. Tuesdays with Morrie
    17. Budo Secrets
    18. Kodo – Ancient Ways
    19. The Monk who Sold his Ferrari
    20. Body Mind Mastery

Essay topic to be researched – an outline in point form, 2- 3 pages, of the major areas to be covered, books to use in research etc. This outline could be used later as the basis for the International Requirement of a 15 page essay (Juniors essay can be 7.5 pages). Also 1 page summary on 2 books from the above list.

Gradings for 2nd and 3rd Dan will require a 2 – 5 page write up of what you have learned/done since your last grading. For example, what have you trained on/worked on since your last grading. What have you done for your Dojo, federation (EMAC Canada), community and/or what books have you read since your last grading.

  • Running – able to run/walk 5-10 k. (depends on many physical factors)
  • Will be Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally challenging. Remember – Body, Mind, Spirit!
  • Kihon Kata Kumite Self-Defence

Cost: $300.00 CDN – grading fee, use of books & materials, certificate, and cloth black belt.

Nidan – $300.00 CDN

Sandan – $400.00 CDN

Yondan – $400.00 CDN