Bu, Ken, Ju

In Asia, since ancient times the spear has been the symbol of the warrior. Rendered into calligraphy in ideographic form, the spear is a basis for many kanji. It is the root for bu, the prefix used in a number of words concerned, not surprisingly, with things of a martial nature. There is bugei (martial skills), bushi (the feudal class of […]

Lessons from Hanshi Chuck Merriman

Hanshi Merriman,  9th degree Black Belt,  attended EMAC’s National Black Belt Grading and Gasshuku, Oct. 23-24, 2009. The event was hosted by Sensei Brian Lowry,  Chief Instructor, Napanee Karate Club & President,  EMAC Canada. Merriman Sensei observed the National Black Belt grading, and was impressed with the spirit of the students. He taught seminars to Dan ranks, and  shared […]

Kwan Dao

By Donald Hamby Shrouded by its elegance of design and graceful sweeping curves the Kwan Dao (quandao), also known as the Green-Dragon or the Crescent-Moon broadsword, is a deceptively ominous force. This imposing weapon commands respect and admiration for its majestic appearance and highly effective design. It is made up of a long curving blade […]