Teaching Martial Arts To Differently Abled People

By Wendi Dragonfire, Renshi, Shuri-Ryu Karate-Do The questions most asked of people who teach Martial Arts to people with different abilities are: How can people with physical limitations, such as loss of their legs, an arm, or with limited muscle control, practice the Martial Arts? What has to be taught differently? Is it still Martial […]

Some new stuff for 2009

The biggest characteristic of Goju-ryu is the ‘respiration method’ with an accompanying shout. It emphasizes strong breathing in and out and ‘putting strength into inhalation and exhalation.’ Among the katafor tanren, Sanchin is the most basic technique in the Naha-te system. It is considered that fostering physical strength, including respiration, is essential for karate. Sanchin […]

Profile of the development of a Kung-Fu style (Hung-Gar)

by Kyoshi Tallack A Shao-Lin temple has existed in China since time immemorial. Da Mo (Daruma) arrived in Guangzhou, China in 527 AD, during the reign of Emperor Liang Wu. After being dismissed by the emperor, Da Mo retreated to Shao-lin Temple. There in a span of seven years he supposedly created and taught the […]