An interview with Kyoshi Christian DiLiberto

SportKarateCanada: First of all Kyoshi , thank you for doing this special interview with We know this is unusual for you to agree to do this kind of thing, and we appreciate it very much. Our readers will be thrilled to know more about you and your martial arts career. SportKarateCanada: Please tell us […]


by Genkai Nakaima Remarks: This is a translation of the original article “Chojun Miyagi the Karate Master. His kindness is infinite. He preaches morality.” written by Mr. Genkai Nakaima which appeared in the local monthly magazine “Aoi Umi” No.70 February 1978 issue (pages 99-100) published by Aoi Umi Shuppansha. This special issue featured Okinawan karate […]


Remarks: This is a complete translation of the article written by Mr. Seijin Jahana, the original title “Choki Motobu, a Forerunner of Combative Karate” appeared in the monthly magazine “Aoi Umi” (=Blue Sea) No.70 February 1978 issue (pages 106-110). This number features articles on Okinawan karate masters. The magazine was published in Okinawa but was […]

Important to know

Shu-Ha-Ri sounds foreign and opaque; but for the most part, it’s not. Most long-time martial arts practitioners actually know what Shu-Ha-Ri is, even without knowing the expression itself. Shu-Ha-Ri is a concept that can be useful in analyzing a student’s progress in martial arts practice. For example, in iaido, serious practitioners know that a shodan […]