by  Andrew Wood

I am often asked by friends who know my martial arts background what they should pay for their children’s lessons or indeed for their own? Recently one of my best friends, my dentist called me outraged that the school he had just visited wanted what he considered to be too much money to teach his son. To him I gave this response.

What are martial arts lessons worth to the shy little boy who never raised his hand in class for lack of confidence letting a world of learning pass him bye before gaining the self esteem to not only to raise his hand but to actually ask questions having taken just a few weeks of martial arts lessons.

What are lessons worth to Justin Rue’s mother, a single mom struggling to make it through life with a young son lacking in focus, motivation and self-discipline.  After nine months in the program their where tears in her eyes when she and a beaming Justin came in to the school with his first ever report card containing an A!

What are lessons worth to the little eight year old girl, whose lessons gave her the where withal to give a strange man a hard enough kick in the shins that he let go of her long enough for her to run away. (Thankfully they arrested him later that day) As a parent I get chills even thinking about such things but I am sure those parents will never question the value of those lessons.

What are lesson worth to Fritz Stutz an auto mechanic with chronic back problems that vanish after several weeks of the stretching exercises before class. What’s the increase life span for attorney Chris Mears looking to vanquish his stress after long days dealing with difficult people and finding serenity just punching and kicking the heavy bag at the school?

What are lessons worth to the nurse Lisa Clancy grabbed from behind as she unlocked her car coming off the night shift at a hospital? (Not to mention a certain perverse pleasure she must have taken for rendering her attacker to the ward she had just left under armed guard!) All thanks to a special women’s self defense class at the school that showed how to use keys and other every day objects as emergency weapons.

In a word of gangs, drugs and high school shootings we all think it will never happen to our kids. What’s it worth to a parents extra peace of mind to have their teen involved in the pursuit of physical and mental EXCELLENCE while learning the value of respect to themselves and others surrounded by a positive environment of discipline and learning?

  • What is a child’s confidence and self esteem worth?
  • What is it worth to experience the joy of self-discipline, motivation and persistence?
  • What is less stress and better health worth?
  • More importantly should you ever have to face a threatening situation what is your life worth?

The answer of course is priceless yet the tuition in most schools is far more reasonable!

Benefits of Martial Arts Training 

  • Flexibility, fewer injuries & soreness
  • Cardiovascular work-out, a healthy heart burns fat
  • Self-defense skills (peace of mind)
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Coaching to motivate you
  • Mental focus & discipline
  • Self-respect
  • Conflict resolution
  • Practice anywhere (inside & outside)
  • All ages 3-90 years of age
  • Development of respect
  • Agility
  • Personal development
  • Never quit attitude
  • Anger management
  • Families can train together
  • No expensive equipment needed

Compliments of Mike and Laura Sywyk

Chief Instructors

Eastwind Budo Life Centre Ottawa, Canada