PCP – Praise – Correct – Praise

By Sensei Mike and Sensei Laura Sywyk

In keeping with positive reinforcement teaching techniques that we use at EWBLC, the technique of PCP – Praise – Correct – Praise, fits right in. In using this technique when you are teaching or assisting you want to find something the student is doing well and praise him/her on that. Then find something in which he can do better and give them a correction. Watch them do it again and once again praise them on doing it better. You have to stick with the student until they do it better. If they get it on the very next try then that is when you praise them the second time but if it takes 10 or 20 more times you must stay with them until they get it. Do not give false praise.

For Example, when teaching, mae geri, front kick watch the student do the technique and say great job in curling your toes back, now bring your knee up a little higher, watch them do the technique and couple more times and if the knee comes up more and is better, say “excellent”! or “good job bringing up your and Motivate the students.

Everyone has a Black Belt inside them, it is our job to bring it out.

This is our duty to encourage people to learn. Remember this is how you were taught and how you were brought up through the belts. We need to continue to cultivate these positive relationships in and out of the Dojo.