[ig_special_heading heading_type=”1″ heading_align=”textalignleft” padding_bottom_heading=”0″]Bo[/ig_special_heading]
  1. “Jodan Uchi” (上段打): Strike to the top of head
  2. “Jodan Naname Uchi” (上段斜め打): Strike to side of head
  3. “Yoko Uchi” (横打): Strike to side of chest
  4. “Gedan Naname Uchi” (下段斜め打): Strike to side of knee
  5. “Kake Uke – Tsuki” (中段掛け受): Middle block in cat stance > Poke in front stance
  6. Chuon no kun block: Jodan naname Uchi > Low sweeping block
  7. Fisherman’s poke
  8. Sand flip
  9. “Osae uke” (抑え受): Pressing block down
  10. Uppercut over reverse leg > Step in with other leg > Thrust
  11. High/low block over front leg
  12. Gather low > Jodan naname Uchi
  13. Jodan naname Uchi > Pull into horse stance > Step foot up and together > Pierce
  14. Reverse baseball strike > High/low block > Jodan naname Uchi
  15. Reverse grab and high/low block > Scoop and sweep > Step > Jodan naname Uchi
  16. Jodan naname Uchi > Up > Down > Side > Jodan naname Uchi
[ig_special_heading heading_type=”1″ heading_align=”textalignleft”]Sai[/ig_special_heading]
  1. High block-side of neck strike
  2. High block-start w/ left foot
  3. Seiken-punch with blunt end of sai
  4. Middle trapping block
  5. Low block-extended
  6. Gathered low block
  7. Punch-hj #-hj #6
  8. Punch-low extended strike-poke-hj #6
  9. Punch-middle block-low block-back fist to wrist-hj #6
  10. Hj #3-hj #4-vertical hammerfist to wrist-circle like naname to wrist-hj #6
[ig_special_heading heading_type=”1″ heading_align=”textalignleft”]Tonfa[/ig_special_heading]
  1. Back fist to side of head
  2. High block-start w/ left foot
  3. Seiken-punch with blunt end of tonfa
  4. Seiken-flip tonfa out-poke with extended end of tonfa
  5. Low block-extended
  6. Gathered low block
  7. Uppercut-downward strike
  8. Punch-downward strike-over the top strike
  9. Punch-strike to side of head-over the top strike
  10. Punch-Figure 8
[ig_special_heading heading_type=”1″ heading_align=”textalignleft”]Nunchaku[/ig_special_heading]
  1. Jodan uke-strike to side of head-over shoulder catch
  2. Uppercut-catch w/ opposite hand-l foot
  3. Ju-side strike-side strike-down-ju-ju
  4. Poke-horse to FLS
  5. Punch-lunge hand on 45 deg angle
  6. Eye smashing technique (dart throw w/ upper hand)
  7. Down block in crane stance-45 deg angle
  8. drop on back knee-side strike-rise and upper cut-down-ju-ju
  9. Middle block crossed w/ reverse leg on top
  10. Jodan uke-45 deg angle