I have been studying martial arts for over seven years now, and it has truly been a blessing for me. The development I have
experienced in my physical, mental and spiritual health has convinced me that it is truly worth the time that I have invested in it.

Physically, I am stronger and more flexible, I have more endurance, better balance, improved posture and far more control
over my body than I did before starting my martial training. I have also improved my coordination, lowered my stress level and
reduced the frequency and severity of the various aches and pains from which I once suffered.

My mental health has also improved greatly, as I have developed my concentration, my focus and my mental endurance. I have a
much better understanding of the human body and how to care for it, and I am constantly being challenged by what I learn about
human interaction. Now that I am a senior student in my dojo, I am even learning about the art of teaching, and how important–and powerful–such knowledge can be.

Where I feel I benefit the most from my martial experience however, is the area of spiritual growth. A dedicated,
traditional martial arts teacher knows how to inspire their students to want to become better people, to learn that success is earned through service, and to understand that all people are capable of great things. As a person dedicated to his Christian faith, I cherish all of this, and feel that my spiritual development has been greatly enhanced by my experiences with the traditional martial arts.

With all that I have received from my martial experience, I know that my time is always well spent when spent in the dojo. I am thankful for the time, talent and resolute guidance that I have received from those who have taught and helped me, and I am
committed to helping everyone I can benefit as I have. I am especially thankful for the world-class quality of the people within the Y.K.K.F. organization. I hope that I will have the opportunity to continue to meet and train with people from around the globe, and who are among the best martial artists in the world.

Mark H Bonnet

Nortel Employee