My three children have been members of EWBLC for more than four years now and I could not have chosen a better martial arts family to belong to.
The first visit to the dojo left us all with such a warm feeling of belonging – that has not changed over the years.

Sensei Mike and Sensei Laura devote endless hours of their time to teach and pass on their knowledge to their students. Both are always full of encouragement when needed. It certainly brings things home when, coming from school after a tumble in the playground, your child can say ” It would have been worse if I’d not break fall. ” This is a special way to fall that you learn in karate and the knowledge goes with the children, even to the playground.

We all go through difficult times in life but belonging to EWBLC makes those difficult times easier to cope with. There is always someone there to offer support, lend a hand if needed and maybe some advice as well.The EWBLC karate family are always there.

Yvonne Valentine

Private Health care nurse